St Alphonsa: A Woman Of Beatitudes

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Author: Aloysius Kattady
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 132
Binding: Paperback

Here is a beautiful book that allows us a glimpse into the spirituality of St Alphonsa, the first woman Saint of India. The author, Fr Aloysius Kattady, himself a Franciscan, was born and brought up in the same Archdiocese St Alphonsa belonged to and had the privilege of interacting with two of her companions. He shows us how St Alphonsa was indeed a woman of the Beatitudes: “Each of the Beatitudes enabled her to see vividly Jesus, her beloved, alive.

Thus, in the call to poverty of spirit, she beheld Jesus poor and humble. In those who mourn, she saw Jesus nailed to the cross. The meek represented Jesus who was mocked, blind- folded and beaten during his trial. In those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, she heard the words of the Divine Master re-echoing in her heart: ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect’.

In those exercising mercy, Alphonsa recognized the command of the Divine Good Samaritan: ‘Go and do likewise‘. In the pure of heart she identified the spotless Son of the Immaculate Virgin. The peace-makers were for her representatives of the Divine Peace Maker. In those who suffered persecution, Alphonsa saw the innocent Paschal Lamb of the New Covenant sacrificed on the altar of love.”

Indeed, St Alphonsa shines out as an inspiration for all who want to follow Jesus in the path of the Beatitudes.