Penance and Reconciliation for Teens

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A guide to the Sacrament

Author: Givens, Steve Year: 2016
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications Pages: 29
Binding: A6 Paperback
Code: HTP-4206
Dimension: 10 x 17 cm

Penance and Reconciliation for Teens

A Guide to the Sacrament

What am I supposed to say? Will the priest yell at me or think badly of me?

Why can't I tell God directly that I am sorry?

Teens have many questions, doubts, and fears about goint to confession. They also have a tremendousneed for the healing and guidance that the sacrament of Penance can bring.

This booklet gives teens a straightforward, concise, and reassuring explanation of the meaning and benefits of this sacrament.  It was written in response to requests from catechists, teachers and youth ministers for something teens will read, understand, and use. This handy and inexpensive booklet is a valuable resource for encouraging teens to make use of the sacrament of Penance - to reconcile with God, accept God's healing grace, and receive sound guidance for their daily lifes.  The booklet includes:

  • A concise review of the meaning and benefits of the sacrament
  • An explanation of the need to confess to a priest
  • Suggestions for developing a positive attitude toward the sacrament
  • An examination of conscience
  • Prayers for before and after confession