Yielding to Love

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Author: Fallon, Michael
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 182
Binding: Paperback

The adventure of prayer is a journey over a lifetime with many twists and turnings, plus the occasional crisis. Nobody else can make that journey for us. Nor can we see clearly what shape our future relationship with God will take...This is where we can learn from those who have made the same journey as ourselves.... Father Fallon is especially indebted to the two great Carmelite Saints, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, but he presents their teaching in a way that reflects his years of study in the field of biblical exegesis and his pastoral dealings with many ordinary Christians... This is a book that will repay loving attention; I recommend it to all who seek to deepen their prayer and through it to grow in love for God and neighbour.

-from the Foreword by Michael Casey OCSO