Walking In The Light Of Faith

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Author: Kroeger, MM, James
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 73
Binding: Paperback

This small booklet is a compilation of sixty “vignettes of faith.” Use it for your personal growth, spiritual meditation, and deeper insight into your own “journey of faith.” You are invited to pray these short reflections, as it echoes the urgent plea of a desperate father to Jesus for his dying son: “Lord, I believe. Help me unbelief” (Mk. 9:24). James H. Kroeger, MM

About the Author:

JAMES H. KROEGER, MM, has served mission in Asia (Philippines and Bangladesh) since 1970. He is professor at Loyola School of Theology, East Asia Pastoral Institute and Mother of Life Catechetical Center, all located in Metro Manila. He is advisor to the Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conferences (FABC) Office of Evangelization and the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Commission on Mission. See inside final pages fro some of Kroeger’s recent books.