St. Maria Goretti: In Garments All Red

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Author: Poage, Rev. Fr. Godfrey Year: 2009
Publisher: Saint Benedict Press and Tan Boo Pages: 120
Binding: Paperback
Code: 1540 Series: TAN

The beautiful, true story of the 12-year-old girl who in 1902 died a martyr to preserve her purity. Describes her virtuous life, poverty, holiness, valiant resistance, heroic and lingering death, conversion of her murderer and canonization in 1950 with her mother, her murderer and over 500,000 present. This is the famous, popular, classic biography!

This is a good book to read to children, so they have someone worthwhile to imitate. By having Maria put before them as a model, they will learn to appreciate the virtue of purity. For a child to imitate the saints, he must first love them -- which in turn requires knowing them.