The Little Brown Book Too

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More Thoughts on the spirituality of St Mary of the Cross in our everyday lives

Author: Kane, Sue; Kane, Leo Year: 2011
Publisher: St Pauls Publications Australia Pages: 152
Binding: Hardcover
Series: Little Brown Book series (Book 2)
Dimension: 150 x 150

Much awaited follow-up to the ever popular THE LITTLE BROWN BOOK.

There’s plenty more to say, now that our Mary MacKillop has been officially declared a saint. The familiar field of her life can yield new treasures. When you pick up this book, try to allow Mary’s experiences and words to open a new door into your own prayer experience. Listen in stillness to the ‘whisperings to your heart’ as you ponder the insights of our first Australian canonised saint.

If you loved THE LITTLE BROWN BOOK, then you’ll love this one too!

Authors - Sue and Leo Kane are a married couple with a special interest in spirituality. They are involved in adult education, exploring in particular the writings of St Mary MacKillop, and her contribution to the development of an Australian spirituality.