Sick Situations and Pastoral Heart

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Selected Symptoms of the Pathology of Religion and some Prescriptions

Author: De Nazareno, Jose Maria
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 115
Binding: Paperback

This book is a social critique of the prevalence of certain selected social pathological syndromes of our religion, and our society in general. Exemplars of pathology in our religious practices have long been an issue in our society. They have been talked about, heard around, and written in bits by broadsheet analysts. Keen observers note that such contemptuous acts are seen beyond religious life and into certain other social spaces in society such as politics and economics. The author constructs metaphorical linkages between certain pathological symptoms of our religion and those of our society. The objective of this introduction is to reflect on the possible historical roots of this tendency among us to abuse and corrode significant symbolisms of our lives as Catholics.