Mental Capacity Act and 'Living Wills'

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Author: Catholic Bishops' Conference of England & Wales Year: 2008
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 48
Binding: A5 Paperback
Code: DO770 Series: Keeping Faith
Dimension: 148 x 210
The new Mental Capacity Act affects the care of anyone who is unable to make decisions for themselves. A major section of the Act concerns healthcare decisions, and these aspects in particular have raised a number of questions about how such decisions should be made.
To assist the Catholic community, the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has produced this short guide. It provides a Catholic perspective on the new law and how we should act now that it has come into force. The Guide is in 'Question and Answer' form, and seeks to be as practical as possible in addressing some of the concerns which people may have, either regarding their own situation or that of a member of their family or religious community. The Guide includes questions regarding the withdrawal of medical treatment at the end of life, the new powers in the Act to make advance decisions to refuse treatment (so-called 'Living Wills'), and the duties of those appointed with lasting powers of attorney to take decisions on behalf of others. A section of the Guide addresses issues for healthcare professionals.
We hope the Guide may be of use both within and beyond the Catholic community, and it is offered to all who might find it helpful.