In Search of True Religion

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A Philosophy of Religion

Author: Moga, SJ, Michael D.
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 183
Binding: Paperback
Code: 9715045952

The strageness and wildness of human religion provokes many questions.What precisely do religious people experience? What forms does this experience take? What various paths lead us to God? Is it possible to come to an awareness of God by using our minds alone? What is God really like? Can we distinguish between true images of God and those which are false? How can we judge whether a religion is true or false? How could a good God made a world so evil and filled our lives with so much pain? Why is it that so many people deny the existence of God?

Religion is truly confusing. Many questions such as these arise in the minds of believers and non-believers alike. This book seeks to guide the reader through such disturbing issues, applying the calm light of reflection to the darkness and wildness that is often found in religion.

About the author:

FR. MICHAEL D. MOGA has written other phenomenological studies such as Human Seeing, Human Time, and Human Worlds. For his students he has written textbooks such as Toward Authentic Morality, What makes Man Truly Human?, The Enduring Questions, The Worlds of Human Morality and Paths Towar Religious Experience. He is presently teaching in Zamboanga.