Images of the Unseen: The Mysteries of Life Revealed in Sacred Art

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Author: Bosco, Louis Year: 2013
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 94
Binding: Paperback
Dimension: 220 x 300

The Catholic Church has contributed more to man's artistic endeavors than any other institution in history, yet much of its legacy remains unknown or unappreciated. The author's personal response to Pope John Paul the Great's call to artists to reclaim their heritage, Images of the Unseen investigates Western art from the Church's perspective, revealing art's sacramental principle: its innate power to make visible the invisible, to render ideas, such as hope, beauty, and the goodness of life, tangible. In the past, man used art to unlock the secrets of the universal truths of life, relevant to people in every age: who we are, where we have come from, and where are we going. This book goes beyond a mere discussion of art to penetrate matters of religion and culture. In so doing, it sheds light on topics that have been underserved in our time, and will go a long way towards helping the reader develop not only a more profound understanding of art, but of man, the creator of art, himself.


About the Author: Louis Bosco holds a BFA from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MFA from the George Washington University, where in 1999 he was awarded the Morris M. Aein Memorial Prize in Drawing, and an MA in Theology and Christian Ministry from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Active in religious education since 1997, he received the Diocesan Youth Ministry Volunteer Award from Diocese of Arlington, Virginia in 2004. He currently serves as the Catechetical Administrator at Saint Alphonsus Parish in Wexford, Pennsylvania. His desire to spread the faith led him to found Lanciano Catechetics in 2009, which produces Catholic educational and apologetics material. He is also an active member of the Legion of Mary, Most Holy Name of Mary Praesidium. Louis and his wife, Mary Lou, live in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, with their three children, Maria, Teresa, and Michael.