Great Catholic Trivia Challenge, The

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Author: Smith, Claire Mary Year: 2013
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback

A fun and challenging way to review how much you know, or perhaps have forgotten, about the Roman Catholic Church and faith: its beliefs and practices, its history, its saints, the papacy, the Bible, its contributions to science, art, and culture. What are its principal feasts, practices and devotions? Who were some of the great men and women who changed the world through their God-given talents inspired by their faith? What major Old Testament figures play a very prominent role and are cited often in the New Testament of the Bible? What famous landmarks are named after Catholics? What do you recall about the early Church? The Church in our own day and age? Who were some of the prominent converts to Catholicism in recent as well as in ancient times? The Great Catholic Trivia Challenge is a veritable treasure house of known and unknown facts that promises to keep you coming back for more. Parents and kids will enjoy this book together.


About the Author: Claire Mary Smith is a free-lance writer and mother who has had more than 1,000 articles published in a large variety of newspapers and magazines. She has taught Spanish language courses at seven different colleges and universities and runs She is the author of Can I Confess by E-mail? (S PAULS/Alba House) andCatholicism - Now I Get It! (Our Sunday Visitor).