Forty Catholics Who Shaped The World In Which We Live

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Author: Smith, Claire Mary Year: 2015
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 260
Binding: Paperback

This book features forty Catholics of diverse, talents and vocations who lived and breathed their faith while having an enormous impact on the world of their time. In turn they have contributed significantly to the shape of our world today. Their Christian faith and the spirituallly nurturing environment provided by the Catholic Church underpinned and made possibnle their great achievements.

This work highlights the faith, love, prayer, devotional practices and hope for eternal life that inspired these innovators in areas as diverse as physics, biology, astronomy, art, music, navigation, world politics and theology. As you read their stories, expect to be moved by the genius, the sacrifices, the drama ans most espeically, the religious faith that characterized their fascinating lives.