Enjoy the Lord: A Path to Contemplation

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Author: Catoir, Fr. John T.
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 122
Binding: Paperback

How very difficult it is for most people to be joyful. Yet we were made for joy and have within our reach the means to achieve it. This book demonstrates how contemplative prayer is the path for the joy we seek. More particularly, it shows how contemplative prayer leads to a sense of self-worth and inner happiness which makes such joy possible.

The kind of contemplation which Father Catoir recommends is not an abstraction or the privileged achievement of the few but an everyday reality for those who are willing to make the effort. It is the core of a satisfying and joy-filled life of union with God and selfless service of our neighbor. This revised version contains much original material which adds to the value of what was already a highly ac¬claimed little volume on practical contemporary spirituality.


About the Author: Former Director of the Christophers (1978-1995), manager for three years of Eva’s Village, a poverty program in Paterson, New Jersey, and Founder of St. Jude’s Media Ministry which from 1995 to the present has aired on 1025 radio stations from Maine to Hawaii, Father John T. Catoir is the author of several highly acclaimed titles also published by Alba House: God Delights in You (Spanish edition, Dios Se Complace en Ti); Enjoy Your Precious Life; World Religions; Stations of the Cross for the New Millennium; Joy; and Encounters with Holiness.