Christian Spirituality: An Introduction to the Heritage

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Author: Healey, Charles J
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 432
Binding: Paperback

Beginning with the writings of the Apostolic Fathers and concluding with the Second Vatican Council, this introduction to the spiritual heritage of the Christian community -- Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant -- focuses on the particular ways in which Christian men and women have come to understand, value, and direct their lives as disciples of Jesus of Nazareth and have expressed it in their own words. As such it enables us to recognize and appreciate the rich variety and complexity of Christian spirituality as well as the various methods of prayer which it has inspired. It brings us into contact with many wonderful teachers and spiritual guides, holy persons who can motivate and enlighten us as we seek to know and love God in the present circumstances of our lives. Those seeking an overview of the various schools and movements which shaped Christian spirituality down through the centuries will find much to ponder here.