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Author: Boas, Sherry
Publisher: Caritas Press Pages: 220
Binding: Paperback
Code: BilTail Series: Boas, Sherry

Little creatures. Big adventures

In the year 1214, a baby squirrel falls from the nest and lands in the passing saddlebag of a 13-year-old boy. Still blind, deaf, hairless and unable to eat solid food, there is little hope for Puttermunch's survival. Moved by the persistent pleading of his distraught mother, a selection of five squirrels set out to find Puttermunch, launching a perilous and life-altering journey on the Way of St. James in Spain.

The road is fraught with failure for Billowtail, Tippy, Nip, Sugarcoat and Sir Sniff, until these well-meaning tree squirrels, born to be loners and hoarders, learn the value of community and self-sacrifice. Written for teens and young adults, enjoyable for all ages!

"To be fully what God wants us to be, we have to live for the other...and the squirrels will learn that on their journey." - author Sherry Boas