A Commentary on the Book of Revelation (India)

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Unveiling the Apocalypse

Author: Thekkemury, Fr Jacob
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 423
Binding: Paperback

Why another book on Revelation? This book is primarily a problem-solver. You get here an almost verse by verse problem-tackling as well as an interpretation of the Book of Revelation. All words and expressions that either pose a challenge for readers as riddles, or demand an explanation are culled from every verse in the Book and formulated as titles in this book. The book will help you unveil the masks of the words and phrases in the Book of Revelation. The reader can readily find solutions to the riddles in it. If one finds a problem with the meaning of a certain word or expression in a particular chapter of the Book of Revelation, one needs only to look for it as a title under the same chapter in this commentary in order to easily find the proper answer. The matter under each title will provide a comprehensive treatment of the topic.