Church and the Bible, The

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Official Documents of the Catholic Church

Author: Murphy, Dennis J.
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 1144
Binding: Hardcover

The Church and the Bible is a resource book that all branches of theology will find useful: not only Biblical scholars, but those interested in the dogmatic, moral, liturgical, pastoral and spiritual teachings of the Church. Typical examples are the Pontifical Biblical Commission's studies on Christology, the Church, interpretation of the Bible, and the Jewish people and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, all made available here in one volume in English. These and other documents, are indispensable resources for students of current theology, as well as for those interested in history. A long introduction gives the historical context of the documents as well as the norms to be used in interpreting them. Care is also taken to explain their various levels of authority in order to avoid the danger that the same value be given to all of them indiscriminately.