YOUCAT Bible Paperback

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Publisher: Freedom Publishing Pages: 438
Binding: Paperback
Series: previous isbn- 9781621640981. ISBN 9780648145707

The YOUCAT project, with its range of books and media, is one of the most valuable and exciting tools the Church has at its disposal for teaching and information.  The newest addition to this range is the Y-Bible.

The book draws an easily understandable continuous thread through mankinds history with God: from the first ray of light in Genesis to the vision of the second comming of Christ.

This 400 page text offers an introduction to each Book of the Catholic Bible.  The layout and Illustrations are excellent with hundreds of quotes that border the bible text.  Apart from the ususal suspects of saints, mystics, theologians and scholars, the quotes include composers, novelists, poets, playwrights, politicians and philosophers.

The pages of the Bible have 8 different icons that offer scripture parallels, explanatory notes, and links to the other YOUCAT texts.  The Bible "Surprises" icon has some very clever comments and the occasional humourous note - a laught from a scripture text!

The genius of this taster to the Scriptures is the selecton of a few key chapters to read.  These choices serve as a '101' intro to the whole Bible and whets the appetite for further reading.

Apart from some texts (Matthew's Gospel) the selections from each book is limited to three chapters.  The 34 Old Testament and 23 of the New Testament books that comprise this YOUCAT Bivle are manageable.

This Australian Edition is NRSV with quotes from prominent Australian Catholics.