Why Get Married in the Church?

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The Lifelong Blessings of a Catholic Wedding

Author: Bosio, John
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications Pages: 232
Binding: Paperback
Code: 959075

Author: John Bosio

5.5 X 8.5" -- 16 pages

Remember, too, that God loves you. This book can show you how God lovingly seals and strengthens your marriage in the Catholic Church.

It can help you glimpse the deep purpose of your relationship and the many graces you receive in the sacrament of marriage. And it can show you how you’ll receive true support from the Catholic community throughout your many happy years together.

Take a look: read it together with your fiancé. And discover the wonder, grace, strength, and mystery of your Catholic marriage.

John Bosio is a seasoned family life educator and a former marriage and family therapist. He and his wife Teri have been married 40 years. John is the author of Happy Together: The Catholic Blueprint for a Loving Marriage and Blessed is Marriage: A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples, both published by Twenty-Third Publications.