When Spirituality Isn't Enough

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Understanding Our Physical Need for God in the Sacraments

Author: Penrice, James
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 104
Binding: Paperback
The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that "spirit and matter, in man, are not two natures united, but rather their union forms a single nature." If human-to-human relationships require physical interaction, how much more so does a human relationship with God, the ultimate source and object of our love. We sometimes think of our relationship with God on a purely spiritual level - because we are not purely spiritual. God knows this, and in his infinite wisdom and love he has provided ways for this physical interaction to happen through Jesus Christ, God in human flesh. Jesus is thus the sacrament of God. He is the visible, tangible sign of God's invisible reality. Jesus completes our relationship with God, revealing God totally and bringing our relationship to the point where we can physically touch and truly become one with him. Jesus brings God's full and saving grace to all who accept his physical and spiritual touch. This book tells us how.