When Parents Divorce or Separate

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Author: Cassella-Kapusinki, Lynn
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media Pages: 256
Binding: Paperback
Code: 819883425
Dimension: 230 x 177

About this Book:

Divorce and separation are painful experiences, particularly for children. Children may not fully understand what is happening between their parents. They may think that they are at fault, or feel like they are caught in the middle. As the divorce or separation unfolds and major changes in family structure and dynamics start to take place, children may become overwhelmed by their reactions.

Author Lynn Cassella-Kapusinki-a child of divorce who is a National Certified Counselor with a background in pastoral counseling and experience in Catholic-based ministry programs for children of divorce or separation-knows these realities all too well. Writing from both a personal and professional perspective, she comfortingly embraces children into the community of children of divorce and separation, and also into the community of God's children and God's family: the Church.

Formed by the truths of the Catholic faith and by what professionals in family counseling have found helpful, this guide through parental divorce and separation designed for children ages 8-12 blends faith with interactive elements. Whether you are a parent, guardian, caretaker, counselor, therapist, support group leader, or ministry program coordinator, with this resource, you can provide your child with a safe space for coping, healing, and growing.

Chapters cover the entire experience of divorce or separation-its development, onset, duration, and aftermath-and acknowledge a child's emotional, mental, and physical responses amidst these stages. Children can address their feelings through: 

  • Realistic vignettes 
  • Journaling spaces 
  • Writing prompts 
  • Drawing and coloring 
  • Helpful tips and practical information 
  • Reflection Questions 
  • Prayer

In this approach, children can discover a path toward moving forward.

Table of Contents:


  • Note to Reader 
  • Note to Parents 
  • One: Family 
  • Two: Crummy Feelings 
  • Three: Separation and Divorce 
  • Four: Divorce Problems 
  • Five: Divorce Solutions 
  • Six: Caught Between 
  • Seven: Anger 
  • Eight: God 
  • Nine: Forgiveness 
  • Ten: When A Parent Stays Away 
  • Eleven: Dating, Stepparents, and Stepfamilies 
  • Twelve: God's Plan for Marriage


Features & Benefits: 


  • Contains a comforting "Note to Reader" 
  • Contains a "Note to Parents and Other Family Members" 
  • Draws upon teachings from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Activities suit varying personalities 
  • Helps children develop foundational communication, problem solving, anger management, and empathy skills 
  • Defines terms that children may be unfamiliar with 
  • Includes a glossary of terms not previously defined in the text 
  • Offers a list of additional resources


About the Author:

Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, MS, NCC, knows the difficulties and grief experienced by children from divorced families because she has lived through them herself. Through her foundation, Faith Journeys, Lynn ministers to children who are struggling with their parents' separation or divorce. Lynn obtained a BA from the University of Notre Dame and a MS in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland. Lynn is a National Certified Counselor, and also works as a school counselor. Her professional experience includes conducting family, individual, and group therapy with children, teens, young adults and adults.