Way of the Cross CD (According to Pope John Paul II)

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Author: Ambrosetti, Vince
Publisher: International Liturgy Publicat Pages: 0
Binding: Compact Disk
Code: WOC-CD

On Good Friday in 1991, Pope John Paul II led the gathered faithful in an experience of prayer that marks the important moments in Scripture surrounding the passion of Jesus. These Stations are based on that interpretation, and are offered here in a uniquely powerful musical setting for your contemplation, increased understanding, and ongoing conversion.

This musical journey on the Via Dolorosa draws us into the mind, heart, and suffering of the Christ. These Stations of the Cross challenge each of us to emulate and become the living sacrifice of love, given to us as a gracious gift.

Song Listing:

  • Gathering Prayer
  • First Station: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Second Station: Jesus, Betrayed by Judas, is Arrested
  • Third Station: Jesus is Condemned by the Sanhedrin
  • Fourth Station: Jesus is Denied by Peter
  • Fifth Station: Jesus is Judged by Pilate
  • Sixth Station: Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with Thorns
  • Seventh Station: Jesus Bears the Cross
  • Eighth Station: Jesus is Helped by Simon the Cyrenian
  • Ninth Station: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
  • Tenth Station: Jesus is Crucified
  • Eleventh Station: Jesus Promises His Kingdom to the Good Thief
  • Twelfth Station: Jesus Speaks to His Mother and the Disciples
  • Thirteenth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross
  • Fourteenth Station: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb
  • Closing Prayer