Understanding Stress Breakdown

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Author: Wilkie, Dr William
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 120
Binding: Paperback

Have you ever had a nervous breakdown? Are you still mystified by your behaviour at that time? Is someone you know breaking down under stress? Do you seem powerless to stop the deterioration in your relationship? Is work-related stress getting the better of you? Do you want to know how to prevent stress breakdown in yourself and others in your family? Understanding Stress Breakdown has been a best seller in Australia and New Zealand since 1985. The author is an experienced clinical psychiatrist.

There are numerous books dealing with emotional stress, but this book is unique. It applies the research findings of the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his co- workers in explaining what happens to conditioned reflexes under excessive stress. It also explains what free-floating anxiety actually is, and what to do about it. Twenty-five years in print, and many readers have claimed this book saved their marriage and sanity.