Theology of the Body in Context

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Author: May, William E.
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media Pages: 176
Binding: Paperback
Code: 74310

The zenith of John Paul II's thought on the human person, marriage, and the family is found in his "theology of the body." For the first time, William E. May provides a comprehensive yet readable overview of this work in the context of several other key writings of Karol Wojtyla /John Paul II, providing rich insights into its development.

Works surveyed include Love and Responsibility, Familiaris consortio, Mulieris dignitatem, and Letter to Families.

"In this book I want to show how Love and Responsibility, a profound, challenging, and difficult work, helps prepare the way for TOB. I will then show how the teaching found in Familiaris Consortio, written when TOB was about halfway completed, embraces many of TOB's key ideas and themes. I will conclude by considering two documents written after TOB was completed, the apostolic letters Mulieris Dignitatem and Letter to Families. I will thus take up the writings in this order: (1) Love and Responsibility, (2) Familiaris Consortio, (3) Theology of the Body, and (4) Mulieris Dignitatem and Letter to Families."