Theology of the Beyond

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Author: Pozo SJ, Candido Year: 2009
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 646
Binding: Paperback

Following the theological method proposed in Vatican II's decree Optatum totius, Theology of the Beyond is an extraordinarily comprehensive, systematic, and up-to-date study of what the Church teaches about death, heaven, hell and purgatory from a biblical, patristic, and theological point of view. An ecumenically rich work, it is a valuable tool for both the theological specialist and the average layperson interested in getting to know more about this subject that affects us all.

Originally published in Spanish, this master work has been translated into several languages and has gone through a number of revisions and editions. This edition reflects the very latest of these. In addition to a final eschatology, which is subsequent to the end of history, the Church affirms the existence of an eschatalogy that extends for every person from his own death until the end of time, that is, until the resurrection of the dead. This phase, commonly denominated intermediate eschatology, is likewise studied at length in this monumental work.