The Word Made Flesh (An Overview of the Catholic Faith)

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Author: Marinelli, Anthony
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 309
Binding: Paperback
Code: 9715048390

This book is an attempt to summarize the essentials of Catholic Christian Faith for those without any sophisticated background in theology. It is written specifically for young adults, older teens and those who are young at hear. 
The text of the book is meant to explain as clearly as possible the meaning of Christian faith. The questions for personal reflections and discussion hope to help the reader to make connections between the faith of the church and his or her own personal experience. 
This book has certain accents or emphases. First and foremost, the book is unabashedly christocentic. Whenever and wherever possible, the book tries to connect the various topics to the person of Jesus Christ and to understand them in relation to him. 
Second, the book places heavy emphasis on scripture as a foundation for contemporary faith. Yet it treats the word of God as a living word which must come alive for every age and generation. 
Third, this book seeks to take seriously the historical dimension of faith, and tries to locate the church and sacraments in a historical perspective. Finally, the book tries to maintain a healthy and creative tension between faith as "belief" and as lived experience.