The Meaning and Mystery of Man (HC): The Role and Responsibility of the Christian Man

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A Biblical Study of Adam, St. Joseph and Jesus Christ

Author: Devin Schadt Year: 2021
Publisher: Tan Books
Binding: Hardcover
Code: 3012

The Meaning and Mystery of Man equips men with a much needed, uncompromising, profound, scriptural and theological vision of what it really means to be a man. A deeper dive, yet accessible, The Meaning and Mystery of Man builds a very strong case for headship, patriarchy, and the essential role and responsibility of the Christian man. Consider this an apologetics book for fatherhood, masculinity, and spiritual leadership.


  • Why St. Joseph and his vocation as father and husband is key to building a true vision of man
  • How man’s responsibility and role is unique from the woman and why
  • The essential role of a husband and father
  • An uncompromising vision of a husband’s headship
  • A biblical defense of patriarchal authority
  • St. Joseph as a “new Adam” provides the essential link between the original Adam and the new Adam, Jesus Christ
  • That the man is commissioned by God to bring to completeness marriage and the family