The Gospel Mysticism of Ruth Burrows: Going to God with Empty Hands

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Australian Author

Author: Jones, Michelle
Publisher: ICS Publications Pages: 298
Binding: Paperback
Code: ICS-GM

by Australian Author, Michelle Jones

One of the most popular and revered spiritual writers of the past half-century, the British author and Carmelite nun Ruth Burrows writes not as a detached observer of either the Christian journey or the Carmelite tradition, but through the lens of her lifetime of lived experience as a contemplative Carmelite nun in the 21st century. In the words of emeritus archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, this gives Burrows’s understanding of and writings on prayer “a very rare degree of honesty and realism,” making her one of the most challenging and deep exponents in our time of the Carmelite tradition. 

The Gospel Mysticism of Ruth Burrows presents for the first time a thorough synthesis of her thought. It is addressed to a wide range of readers, first of all to those interested in Burrows’s spirituality, but also anyone who wants to trace the graced unfolding of the Christian spiritual life. For readers just discovering Burrows, the book is a helpful roadmap to navigate the ideas she develops through her writings. It will have special appeal to anyone interested in exploring Carmelite spirituality. 

In addition to systematically exploring Burrows’s thought and writings, Australian theologian and author Michelle Jones mines a rich collection of unpublished writings, including personal correspondence, and live interviews with Ruth Burrows at her Carmelite monastery in the UK.