The Bible: The Living Word of God - Teacher's Guide (9th)

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Living in Christ

Author: Lefrancois, Lauren M Year: 2010
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press Pages: 355
Binding: Special
Code: 1244 Series: 39.95

This course provides an introduction to the Sacred Scriptures and to the unfolding of salvation history, with a particular focus on Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of salvation history. Revelation, both Divine and natural, is explored, as are inspiration, interpretation, and exegesis.

The course guides the students in coming to know the people of salvation history, including the early leaders of Israel; the judges, kings, and the prophets; and the history of salvation as revealed in the New Testament. The students also learn about the role of the Scriptures in the life of faith for the individual as well as for the life of the Church.