The Better Part: The Gospels Four Volume Set

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A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

Author: Bartunek, Fr John
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press Pages: 1276
Binding: Set of 4 PBs
Code: 1367 Series: 978-1-64413-136-7

Set of 4 Paperbacks

Every saint and renowned spiritual director through the ages has said the same thing: if we desire to become saints, we must spend time daily in meditation. With this book, Fr. John Bartunek has created an extensive, Christ-centered resource to serve as your daily meditation companion. The Better Part offers a practical explanation of Christian meditation as well as material to draw from during your meditations, including a Bible study on the Gospels, a survey of saints’ writings, and a handy guide to prayer. 

As you learn to read, meditate upon, absorb, and apply the Gospels to your life, you’ll also find ways to personalize your times of prayer, allowing you to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead along the path of holiness. Open these pages to discover the methods of meditation that best suit you, develop your friendship with Christ, and experience the true Christian joy of a deep, fruitful life of prayer.