The 7 Secret Steps to Authentic Success

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A Practical Guide to Creating a Life of Significance

Author: Kollias, Dr Hercules Year: 2010
Publisher: Global Publishing Pages: 140
Binding: Paperback
Dimension: 230 x 150

You work harder, work smarter, think positive, make goals, develop strategy, visualise success and improve productivity. You do everything you are supposed to do and yet, somehow, it's not enough. It doesn't feel right.

Something is missing: You are not living your authentic life.

Learn more. Give more. Live more.

In this book you will discover these key points:

Understand the importance of accepting the call of your true voice.

Know the difference between authentic or true success and gratuitous or false success.

The moral of the fable in Section A is the basis of authentic success. Can you pick it?

Uncover a process that will transform your life from 'caterpillar' to 'butterfly'.

Learn the 7 secret steps you must take inside the 'cocoon' if you are to achieve authentic success.

Which of the three life pathways will you choose?

Begin searching yourself with Your Secret Journal in Section C.

Dr Hercules Kollias combines his intuition, direct experience of authentic living and intellectual learning to help you realise your full potential, both personal and professional. His insights are predicated on an academic basis comprising of Medicine, Science, and Psychology, and are tempered with a keen interest in Philosophy, Theology and Spirituality.