Sown on Rich Soil

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Author: Marcos MA, STL, Fr. Ramil R.
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 156
Binding: Paperback

 "A dear book from a dear friend"this was my first impression as I received Fr. Ramil´s first book. Proclaim on the Housetops (not commercially published) some years ago. Not until I opened it and read through it did i realized that it was really a labor of love... a great book from a great friend! Now , in this new collection of reflections: A great friend inspires you... a friend who gives us the opportunity to be in tune with our core, with our hearts that truly express our desire to know God and his word.
A great friend guides you... a true friend desires a straight path for a friend in distress. This book serves as a help to easy understanding of God´s message in living out his Gospel.
A great friend loves you... with the heart of Jesus. This book was first conceived from the heart of its author, reaching out to the heart of everyone who are willing to share God´s love.
A book of LOVE... that is how it should be called . The heart of God overflowing from the heart of its author, to the heart of its readers... the LOVE that brings us close to salvation.
From all the brothers in Christian love, the Jesus-Caritas Fraternity of Priest, we thank you for inspiring us to holiness, for guiding us to Jesus, and for teaching us how to love more through the Lord´s gift of vocation to the priesthood. Another book is here for us to stay calm, to interiorize, and to be a living reminder of LOVE to all.
may this book spread more love to humanity!
In the LOVE of Jesus,