Search For The Hidden Garden

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Author: Smith, Sherry
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media Pages: 128
Binding: Paperback
Code: 819890502
Dimension: 140 x 210

About this Book:

In Search for the Hidden Garden, readers will meet Saint Thérèse as a fifteen-year-old living in Lisieux in the months before entering her Carmelite convent. An imaginative historical novel, the story focuses less on Thérèse herself and more on the ways she helps the heroine, Charlotte Delacroix, grow in her love for Jesus.

This welcome addition to Pauline Kids' Friends with the Saints series takes readers into the heart and mind of a young girl coming to grips with life and unraveling a mystery? but is the mystery the location of a hidden garden for children, or is it the mystery of how to create a life by doing "small, good things" for others and thereby for God?

Sherry Weaver Smith follows up her acclaimed novel The Wolf and the Shield with the story of a friendship that transcends social class, life's challenges, and even death itself.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Provides girls ages 7-10 with a positive believable role model
  • Vibrant historical fiction that weaves in a positive Catholic message
  • Offers an attractive glimpse of the mind, heart, and message of Saint Therese without being preachy
  • Models a relationship that readers can develop with the saints

     About the Author:

Sherry Weaver Smith became Catholic after working alongside Salesian Sisters dedicated to helping homeless and working children in Manila, the Philippines. Weaver Smith wrote her first poems and children's fiction for her daughter, Laura. Her haiku collection, Land Shapes, was published by Richer Resources Publications. Weaver Smith received her bachelor's degree from Duke University in math and East Asian studies, and a master's in politics from the University of Oxford, England.

What are people saying about this title?

"Search for the Hidden Garden is a delightful analogy or parable for the spirituality of St. Thérèse. Amid the complications of human relationships, childlike determination continues to search for the innocence we are all born with, which embraces all people. While young Thérèse is a minor character in the story, she is a major influence on their search and ours. Adults and children will enjoy this search, through gentleness, patience, love and joy." 
- Father Robert Colaresi, Director of the Society of the Little Flower