Scripture-Based Retreats for Teens Ages 10-19

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Author: Halbur, MA, Virginia
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press Pages: 138
Binding: Paperback
Code: 4328 Series: 26.25


Scripture-Based Retreats for Teens Ages 10-19 presents young people with the opportunity to grow in their faith, in their relationships with others, and in their understanding of and appreciation for God's holy word. Scripture-Based Retreats is a collection of six retreats for middle school and high school young people, written by six different authors in the field: Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart, Marni Geissler, Ron Jacobson, Christina Semmel, Victoria Shepp, Ralph Stewart, and Erica Weber.

The retreat themes are:

  • The Lectionary and the Liturgical Year: How Catholics Read Scripture.
  • Angels Among Us!
  • Scripture Storytelling.
  • What's This Book All About? Exploring the Bible.
  • What Does That Mean? A Look into the Parables of Jesus.
  • The Book of Jonah.

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