Saint Joseph Devotional Dispenser - 25 booklets

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Box with 25 A6s(48pp)

Author: Foley, Donaly (Comp) Year: 2014
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 0
Binding: A6s
Series: Box is 22.5cm high x 15cm long x 11cm wide
Dimension: 105 x 148

Box is 22.5cm high x 15cm long x 11cm wide

The statues and paintings in Catholic churches and chapels are intended as an aid to prayer and devotion.

This innovative, new dispenser offers parishes a simple and effective way to help people pray. Each dispenser holds 25 copies of a specially commissioned booklet explaining devotion to the St Joseph including litanies, novenas and other prayers to be said before his image.

The disposable cardboard dispenser box fits on the plinth next to the relevant statue or on a nearby ledge, so that people can pick up a copy of the booklet as an invitation to prayer.

The dispenser box will arrive shrink wrapped. Just unwrap it, pop the top part open and put it where people will see it and it is ready for use.

Specifically designed to be both eye-catching and reverent, the booklets will help deepen love for St Joseph bringing him closer to the everyday needs, concerns and joys of parishioners.

Explaining the effects of devotion to St Joseph over the centuries, they are a practical and simple way for people to foster a devotional spirit and can be used individually or in parish groups.

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