Proclus Bishop of Constantinople:Homilies on the Life of Christ

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Early Christian Studies 1

Author: Barkhuizen, Jan Harm
Publisher: Australian Catholic University Pages: 219
Binding: Paperback
Series: 215X140
Dimension: 215 x 140
The homilies of Proclus are a valuable source for the christological issues of the fifth century and formed an important basis for the subsequent formulation of the orthodox faith at Chalcedon in 451, yet they have not received as much attention as the works of Cyril of Alexandria. For the first time in English the twenty-seven homilies of Proclus that deal with the life of Christ are presented
Several scholars are of the opinion that Proclus was one of the most accomplished preachers in the post Chrysostom era in Constantinople. Whether we can fully appreciate the rhetorically-orientated nature of his homilies or not, the style and contents are both impressive and of theological importance.