Priests of Christ

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(with references to the book To My Priests)

Author: de Armida, Concepcion Cabrera
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 364
Binding: Paperback
Dimension: 140 x 210


Selection of texts and theological introduction by Juan Gutierrez Gonzalex, M.Sp.S. 

Declared Venerable by His Holiness Pope John Paul II on December 20, 1999, Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (Conchita), (1862-1937), born in Mexico, in a very pious Catholic family, was a married woman, mother of nine children, foundress of the five Works of the Cross and great mystic of the Mexican Church.

Pope Francis called on the world's priests to bring the healing power of God's grace to everyone in need, to stay close to the marginalized and to be "shepherds living within the smell of sheep"so that people can sense the priest is not just concerned with his own congregation, but is also a fisher of men.