Prayer and Common Sense

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Author: Green, SJ, Fr Thomas H.
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 120
Binding: Paperback
Code: 9715045065

Of all the qualities necessary for a genuine spiritual life, perhaps the most indispensable virtue is the one most often overlooked-common sense. “God is sensible, and our call to be like God, to be holy is essentially a call to be people of good sense,” says Fr. Thomas Green. In this wise, practical book he outlines for us what it means to live according to the common sense of God.
Green provides sound advice on basic issues in the spiritual life where we often go astray because we fail to use common sense. He offers a down-to-earth description of what holiness really is, helps us get in touch with a “common-sense. He offers a down-to-earth description of what holiness really is helps us get in touch with a “common-sensical God,” and shows how we can better cooperate with God by using our own good judgment. Rather than stressing perfection of impossible goals, Green urges us to focus on love in both prayer and action.
He offers a vision of a spiritual life based on a deep appreciation of God’s love for us and healthy sense of our own limitations. God has accepted us as we are, and is committed to the work of our transformation,” he says. But at the same time we must know and accept our real human situation. “In other words, we believe in the common sense of God. And we show our common sense by loving in the same way that we are loved.”
As always, Fr. Green draws from the well of his deep knowledge of the scriptures and the great mystics to offer us a practical guide to growth in prayer and the spiritual life.