Populorum Progressio

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Encyclical Letter on the Development of Peoples

Author: Paul VI, Pope
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 32
Binding: A5 Paperback
Code: S273
Dimension: 148 x 210

Paul VI’s Encyclical on the development of peoples remains one of the most important documents of Catholic Social Teaching. Forty years on it retains its clarity and power calling for a fairer division of the riches of the world as a goal to be strived for by all.
Of particular resonance in today’s international climate is the argument, forcefully made that development and peace go hand in hand. “Extreme disparity between nations in economic, social and educational levels provokes jealousy and discord, often putting peace in jeopardy”. 

Pope Paul warns however, that a greater access to goods and possessions can simply swap one type of slavery and oppression for another. If the development of peoples is to be authentic then it must foster the development of each individual and of the whole person. “For man can set about organising terrestrial realities without God, but closed off from God, they will end up being directed against man.”