Pope in Britain

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Preparing for the visit with Prayers & Devotions

Year: 2010
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 60
Binding: A6 Paperback
Code: D730 Series: Devotional
In the months leading up to the Holy Father's historic visit to Great Britain in September 2010, this booklet offers individuals, families, groups and parishes a selection of prayers, devotions and reflections to prepare for the visit both at personal level, as well as to pray for the Church, and the Pope himself, his intentions, and for the success of his visit. The booklet includes: - Prayer of preparation for the Pope visit to Britain - Prayers for the Pope and for his intentions - The Angelus - The Holy Rosary - Novena for the visit of the Holy Father - A visit to the Blessed Sacrament - Holy Hour - Meditations and reflections - Who the pope is and what he does 'During the months of preparation that lie ahead, be sure to encourage the Catholics of England and Wales in their devotion, and assure them that the Pope constantly remembers them in his prayers and holds them in his heart.' (Benedict XVI, January 2010)