Pastores Gregis

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The Bishop, Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World

Author: John Paul II, Pope Year: 2008
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 124
Binding: A5 Paperback
Code: DO717 Series: Vatican Documents
Dimension: 148 x 210

The bishops of the world met in October 2001 to discuss "the Bishop, servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World". The document that has emerged is a model 'pastoral rule' for the life and work of the Bishop.
Using the gospel figure of the Good Shepherd as a paradigm, the document gives guidance on the life and ministry of the Bishop. The concept and reality of Episcopal collegiality developed in the documents of Vatican II receives in Pastores Gregis its fullest consideration to date in the documents of the Church. Special attention is given to the Bishop's tripartite ministry of teaching, sanctifying and governing. The final section confronts the particular problems that today's world presents to the Bishops: globalisation, justice and peace issues as well as environmental concerns, and being at the forefront of interreligious dialogue.