Like a Child: Year 2

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A Program for Teaching Christian Meditation in Primary Schools

Author: O'Halloran, Barbara Year: 2010
Publisher: St Pauls Publications Australia Pages: 0
Binding: Paperback

What is it? Like A Child is a series of books which contain a program for primary school teachers to teach their students to meditate in the Christian tradition. The program consists of reading a story and information on how to meditate followed by meditation using a Christian mantra.

Why teach children to meditate?  Many children seek not to just learn about and think about God, but to experience God as the ground of their being. Meditation is one way of experiencing the presence of Jesus within. Meditation provides children with an opportunity to undertake a journey of silence and stillness as one way of helping them cope with the pressures of life.

Books for Years 1-7 Each primary school teacher has his/her own book which contains: information on how to run the program; five short stories, that are age and year appropriate and that promote Christian values in the classroom; scripture references; information and resources on Christian meditation. One book for a particular year level can be purchased or a school may wish to buy books for several or all year levels.

How long is it?  The length of the program takes between six and twelve minutes depending on the age of the children.

User friendly   The Like A Child books are simple and easy to use. There is no additional work required by the teacher. Simply pick up the book, read the story, and meditate.


Dr Peter Vardy's Five Strand Approach in Religious and Values Education

Like A Child is a resource for the fifth strand, which refers to the importance of stillness and silence


Barbara worked in a Christian school for ten years, and was the Co-ordinator for Christian Meditation in South Australia

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