Lessons from the Master

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Living Like Jesus

Author: Basile, Alexander J. Year: 2009
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 115
Binding: Paperback

Of all the many ways in which the followers of Jesus referred to Him -- they looked upon Him and later referred to HIm as the Way, the Truth and the Life -- undoubtedly the most frequent and popular appellation was that of Teacher or Master. People of every sector of society came to Him looking for answers. Many sensed that He held the secrets to an existence they all aspired to, both here and hereafter, and they did not hesitate to question Him at length on topics near and dear to their hearts. In this book, Basile takes an existential look at the teachings of Jesus and invites the reader to journey with the Master from the carpentry shop, to the Sermon on the Mount, to the Resurrection, as He unlocks the key to living a happy and fruitful life. He offers a number of beautiful reflections on the Scriptures and takes a fresh look at the life of Jesus that will leave the reader with solid answers to their questions about what Jesus really taught. Lessons from the Master: Living Like Jesus is not only informative, at the same time it makes for highly engaging reading for the follower of Christ of any age. As such, it highly recommends itself for use as a classroom text, retreat resource, or simply for personal spiritual growth