Lent with Saint Augustine

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Author: Turek, Waldemar
Publisher: Liturgical Press Pages: 114
Binding: Paperback

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"Late have I loved you, Beauty so ancient and so new," prayed Saint Augustine. In a long and passionate search like a lost sheep, he delved in various philosophies. Finally, he discovered that God is near, within himself, in the depths of his soul. Augustine's Confessions immortalized the path of his conversion. They are a humble and sincere testimony of a sinner who experienced unconditional love.

In Lent with Saint Augustine, Waldemar Turek presents selected excerpts for each day of Lent, taken from this pearl of spirituality and literature, to which he adds a commentary on the liturgical readings. These spiritual reflections, nourished by the sources of faith serve as a prayerful aid. They allow the reader to touch the sacred, while celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Waldemar Turek, a priest of the Diocese of Plock (Poland), studied Christian and classical literature in Rome. He is an official of the Vatican Secretariat of State, and an adjunct professor of Latin at the Urbanianum Pontifical University. He has written a number of works on ancient classical writers and the Church Fathers. This is his first book published in English.