Jesus Matters

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Author: Waddell, Charles Year: 2014
Publisher: St Pauls Publications Australia Pages: 102
Binding: Paperback


"The Author - not only a Pastor and a Theologian, but also a former Anthropologist at The University of WA - highlights the very existential aspects of the life of Jesus. Jesus Matters echoes the concern of Fr. Waddell's ministry, as well as his rich spirituality and meaningful experience of Jesus Christ".

Margherita Maria Rossi, Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

 In the modern world where God has no place, where hearts are left empty and life has no purpose, Jesus still matters. He matters to those who are lost and confused. He seeks out those who are loveless and lonely. For them he is the light of hope, their light in darkness….The author takes us on a journey with Jesus through the pages of the Bible that speak of him. For those whose knowledge of the Bible is meagre, the author offers some simple keys to understanding the Word of God, his poetic suffering and death followed by his resurrection...”

Most Rev. Barry J Hickey, DD, OAM, Archbishop Emeritus of Perth, and author of Living Biblically.

 Jesus Matters is an anthropology of Jesus, His message and His God. It seeks to capture the reality of Jesus – the Jesus whom Peter, John, James and Mary of Magdala, amongst others, knew. Brief and articulate, it is written for the ordinary person in the pew and in the religious hinterland.

Jesus Matters could be used for spiritual reading as well as for Adult Faith Education.  Anyone who teaches religious education, school leavers and their families would benefit from reading it. People are hungry, perhaps even without realising it, for Jesus, his message and his God; using the work of scholars this book aims to feed this hunger.