Introducing the Marriage-Meter

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Discovering and Nurturing Marriage Commitment in Christ

Author: Ezeonyeasi, Fr Innocent Chibueze
Publisher: St Pauls Distribution UK Pages: 104
Binding: Paperback
Dimension: 127 x 197

Marriage is the oldest institution in the world as ordained by God through the union of Adam and Eve; yet it has been faced with a multitude of challenges through the ages. The aim of this book is to provide a model and a parameter for successful and happy marriages. As such, it presents possible guidance to marriages and families in crisis, and tries to ensure that the reflections in it will edify us and promote a healthy marriage culture.This book does not judge or condemn, but tries to help people bring out the best in themselves, and is also not meant to be a guide on the canonical validity of marriage as a sacrament. This book is meant to be a spiritual guide for the full realization of the glories of marriage and family life, and highlights the inestimable values of marriage that should be protected and cherished.

'Fr Innocent has written a must read primer for anyone considering marriage commitment or involved in marriage preparation of guidance...In my 33 years of marriage, I've never come across a book that made marriage so spiritual and relevant. If marriage has always puzzled you, this book is bound to unlock its mysteries. Puck up your copy today.'

Dr (Mrs) Mitchell Adaeze Mbaeri

'The author brings clear commitment and a sound pastoral sense and passion for the humane expression of age-old truth and doctrines...He offers keen and illuminating insights on well known biblical passages relating to marriage and human love...Beyond initial feeling and romantic sentiment, to love a person for better or worse is a conscious choosing each and every day.'

Edmund P Adamus, Former Director for Marriage & Family Life, Archdiocese of Westminster, London

Fr Innocent Chibueze Ezeonyeasi was ordained for the Catholic Diocese of Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria. He organises programmes and workshops on Christian friendship and commitment in marriage. He was the founding Chaplain to St Camillus Catholic Chaplaincy, Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu, and also a Chaplain to the Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy in England and Wales under the auspices of both  the Catholic Bishops' Conferences of Nigeria and of England and Wales. At present, he is the Assistant Priest at St Bartholomew's Catholic Church, Norbury, London.