Handbook of Prayers

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Author: Socias, Rev James (Edited by) Year: 2013
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 560
Binding: A6 Deluxe HI Expected Date: 15-06-2022
Code: D755
Dimension: 105 x 148

A comprehensive treasury of Catholic prayers, beautifully illustrated and bound in leatherette.

Over 500 pages of prayers and devotions, including the Order of Mass, can be found in this attractive volume.

Divided into 20 sections, as well as hundreds of prayers, the Handbook includes a chapter “How to be a better Catholic”, setting out practical ways to grow in your faith, alongside the basic tenets of the Catholic religion.For convenience, parallel Latin texts are present alongside the English versions of many of the prayers.

Contents include:

  • The Order of Mass; (English new translation and Latin) including Prefaces.
  • Prayers before and after Mass: Explanation of the importance of the Mass
  • Basic prayers such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Morning Offering, Apostles’ Creed
  • Guide for a good confession
  • A simple Liturgy of the Hours and prayers throughout the day
  • Devotions to the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph
  • Blessings and prayers for particular needs, such as sickness and death; and many more.