God More Beautiful Than the Devil

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Author: Amorth, ssp, Fr Gabriele
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 144
Binding: Paperback
Code: KIT-SP02631 Series: 978-971-004-354-5
Dimension: 210 x 140

Gabriele Amorth, SSP, a priest of the Society of St. Paul and well-known exorcist, was interviewed by Angela de Simone, SSP. The replies of the noted exorcist make this book his "spiritual testament". He deals with varied topics ranging from different religions, Freemasonry, to strategies to defeat the Evil One.

Possessed persons have to be distinguished from those who are just psychologically challenged, those feeling unwanted, unloved, persecuted, and in despair. The exorcist should explain to such persons that God is love, that the Lord Jesus proved his love by dying for us, and that God is certainly better, more attractive and more beautiful than the Devil.