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First Homilies of Benedict XVI

Author: Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus Year: 2008
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 58
Binding: A6 Paperback
Code: D675 Series: Benedict XVI
Dimension: 105 x 148
The passing of one Pope and the election of a successor are events that combine to form a momentous few weeks in the life of the Catholic Church - and, as the events of April 2005 have illustrated, even beyond to a wider audience. The death of Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI have certainly raised the interest of millions around the globe.
This collection of the homilies given by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger during the period between the death of John Paul II, and his own election and inauguration as Pope Benedict XVI, capture the sentiments and aspirations not only of one man, or of the College of Cardinals, but the aspirations and prayers of a whole people.