Forgiveness for Peace

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Author: Drago, SJ, Fr C.S.
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 127
Binding: Paperback

Anger, sadness and hatred not only strain, but also destroy meaningful relationships. They affect health, sleep, work and our entire life. We tend to be violent. But hatreds do not cease through hatred. Our hearts long for health and peace. True peace is, not absence of fights, escape from real situation, suppression of negative feelings, nor hateful silence.

This book leads us to eschew hatred and revenge, to replace them with forgiveness, and thus to experience peace. It involves seeking peace from forgiveness and gifting it to others, and helps us to live in peace with God, others and our own selves. It makes personal happiness, marital bliss and communal harmony easily possible. The subject is amply illustrated by the author's personal struggles and successes. The book is a beacon of light to all those who grope in the darkness of unforgiveness.